Cornea received in Hetauda for the first time

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It is the first time that Hetauda started collecting Cornea. 

The cornea is the frontal transparent part of the human eye that has no blood vessels innervated in it. Unlike other organs of our body, Cornea gets it’s nutrition directly from the air with the help of Tear film. Thus cornea of a dead person can be transplanted to any person who has opacities in the cornea. The blind person will be able to see again after the cornea donated by a dead person is surgically applied to the eye of a blind person. The transplanted cornea works like the previous cornea of the patient.
The Nepal eye bank in Hetauda district of Nepal was recently started in 2018 by Hetauda Community Eye Hospital run under Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology of Kathmandu. The eye bank was established to collect the cornea donated by the local people of Hetauda as well as a neighbouring district. The cornea so donated by a dead person would be taken to Nepal Eye Bank Tilganga eye Institute Kathmandu for it to be put on to the patient who has Opacities in the cornea. The surgery is done in TIO.
It is the first time that someone in Hetauda has donated cornea to the eye bank of Hetauda. Mr Ramkrishna Shrestha’s Cornea was donated to Hetauda Eye Bank by his sons Bikash Shrestha and Prakash Shrestha. President of Lions Club of intellectual, Ganesh Kumar Shrestha suggested Elder son Bikash that It would be saintly to donate the eyes of the father which would turn into ash, but if donated, it could help someone see the world. Sons of Mr Ramkrishna Shrestha took permission from the mother before donating the eyes to the eye bank. Even though Mr Ram Krishna left the world, his eyes would be helping someone see the world again. May his soul rest in peace.
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