Scotland is now the first country to make Pads and Tampons free

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Talking about gender equality, a woman has to face many obstacles in her life. The natural biological phenomenon that is a part of her life has been a matter that needs attention for centuries. The biological menstrual process and the period of poverty have been a major issue hindering personal development. Period Poverty is the lack of money to buy sanitary products that women need. Period poverty is one of the important issues known to everyone but is often ignored. Period Poverty is a reason why many women are forced to stay behind in the race to life. The coronavirus made so many people jobless that period poverty has become worse than ever.
1 in 5 children is forced to stay at home due to the lack of period products which either they can’t afford or which they are made to think of it as an embarrassing topic to talk about at school or colleges.
whether that is a lack of awareness or a forgotten topic, women and menstrual products need to be made free all around the world. It is a major health crisis. This impacts the whole economic system and the country’s economy in many ways.
A survey in the united kingdom showed that girls age 14 to 20 are embarrassed about their period and didn’t go to school for a whole week due to embarrassment they have to suffer.
Period products free provision scotland
The parliament of Scotland passed a bill unanimously on Tuesday, Nov 25th that will make period products provision for free. The period product-free provision was introduced in the parliament in 2019 by a lady Scottish politician and Member of Scottish Parliament(MSP) Monica Lennon.
The Scottish government estimates the cost to be around 24 Million American Dollars annually for this project to happen. The bill’s main objective is to provide sanitary products like pads and tampons for those who menstruate or those who need it for free of cost. The government is asking all schools, colleges, universities to make pads and tampons available at proper toilets and has asked ministries to do the same to other organizations. The scheme will provide the choice of different types of products as per demands.
Before Tuesday’s vote, MSP Lennon expressed her optimism amidst the legislation’s success and thanked supporters who made this possible. Monica in her Twitter account writes, A proud day for Scotland and a signal to the world that free universal access to period products can be achieved.“It’s an important message in the middle of a global pandemic that we can still put the rights of women and girls high up the political agenda.”
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