Masters of Optometry Entrance Exam Curriculum

SEED Contact Lens

Masters of Optometry (M.Optom)

A. Eligibility

a.Bachelor of Optometry (B.Optom) degree or Bachelor of Optometry and Vision Science (B.Optorn) or Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) or B.Sc. in Optometry (B.Sc.Optom) or equivalent degree from a recognized university/Institution.
b. Registered as an optometrist in Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC).
c. Candidates should score a minimum 50 % marks to pass entrance examinations conducted by Medical Education Commission for being eligible to be in the merit list.

B. Exam Format

a. Single best response type with Multiple choice questions.
b. Four options (A, B, C, D)
c. No. of questions – 200
d. Recall Understanding: Application — 30:50:20
e. Duration — 3 hours

Subject & Marks:

1) Basic Science and Organ Systems: 8
2) Ocular Anatomy and Physiology: 16
3) Physical and Geometrical Optics: 10
4) Visual Science: 16
5) Ocular Disease: 16
6) Diagnostic and investigative optometry: 20
7) Ophthalmic and Dispensing Optics: 20
8) Paediatric Optometry and Binocular Vision:  20
9) Contact Lens and ocular prosthesis: 20
10) Low Vision and visual rehabilitation: 20
11) Community optometry: 10
12) Geriatric optometry and vision care: 10
13) Research Methodology and biostatistics: 8
14) Ethics & Practice Management in Optometry: 6
Total: 200 

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Entrance exam curriculum

 Master of Optometry Curriculum

M Optom Program Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible to apply for admission to the M.Optometry program, an applicant must have
  • Bachelor of Optometry (B.Optom) degree or Bachelor of Optometry and Vision Science (B.Optom) or Doctor of Optometry (O.D) or B.Sc in Optometry (B.Sc. Optom) or equivalent from a recognized university/institution.
    Obtained a minimum CGPA of 2.5/4 or 55% at bachelor level.
    Registered to Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC)-in A level.
    Candidates should score a minimum of 50% marks to pass the entrance exam conducted by MEC for being eligible to be on the merit list.
Pokhara University Affiliated Institute

Paid Quotas

Scholarship Quotas

Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Kathmandu 6 1 7
Himalaya Eye Institute, Pokhara 4 1 5
TOTAL 10 2 12


In Nepal, till now there is only Pokhara University have a Master level program in Optometry.

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