Prosthetic Eye Fitting and Maintenance

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Prosthetic Eye Fitting and Maintenance

Artificial Eye or Prosthetic Eye is the cosmetic boon to people with no eye. We have seen people in communities and in our places with no eyes, which can be one-sided or both-sided. The condition of not having an eyeball behind the eyelids is called anophthalmia. Some people have anophthalmia since birth and sometimes eye shrinks after a trauma. In many conditions, the eyeball is surgically removed in advanced cases of acute glaucoma or an ulcer in a clear cornea. The tumors developed within the eye can spread to other regions. So, in instances of intra-ocular tumours like retinoblastoma (the most common childhood tumor of the retina), the eyeball should be taken out before it spreads.


Ocular prosthesis is an artificial eye, which is implanted in patients who have lost their eye due to various causes such as trauma, surgery, cancer, or in patients with shrunken damaged eyes (phthisical eyes), congenital absence (anophthalmos) or abnormally small-sized eyes (microphthalmos) with no visual potential. These conditions result in cosmetic disfigurement of the face which impacts the patients psychologically and acts as a social stigma.

Cosmetic rehabilitation for these patients through the implantation of ocular prosthesis helps in restoring the patients’ confidence by improving their external appearance. The Ocular prostheses are fitted behind the eyelids over a shrunken eyeball or an orbital implant placed following surgical removal of the eye.

Prosthetic Eye Fitting and Maintenance

In Nepal majority of eye hospitals providing stock (ready-made) prosthetic eye services and following of eye hospitals providing custom made prosthesis eye services 
2. Dristhi Eye Hospital, Kalanki
3. Model Eye Centre, Gwarko, Lalitpur

Benefits of Custom-made Prosthetic eyes

  • Better fit in the eye socket
  • Very little eye discharge
  • Eye movement is more natural
  • Hand-painted eye matches the other eye
  • Longer-lasting than stock shells

Benefits of stock shells

  • Cheaper
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