World Glaucoma Week 2022

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World Glaucoma Week 2022: March 6-12, 2022

Painting the World Green:

Awareness and Early Detection Can Save Your Sight from Glaucoma

The World Glaucoma Association (WGA) launches the “The world is bright, save your sight” campaign, a global awareness initiative on glaucoma spanning across all continents.

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness and the figures are staggering. One in 200 people, aged 40, has glaucoma, and the number rises to one in 8, aged 80. As the world ages, and the population increases as well, glaucoma is becoming more and more common. Currently, an estimated 78 million people are diagnosed with glaucoma on a global level. This number is forecasted to skyrocket in the coming years, as over 112 million people will be impacted by glaucoma by 2040.

Although vision can’t be regained once lost to glaucoma, damage due to glaucoma can be prevented.
Regular eye – and optic nerve – checks are the number one rule for sight preservation, since glaucoma can be asymptomatic in its early stages. Thus, the earlier it is diagnosed, the less damage is done.

For over a decade, the WGA has been working to raise global awareness on glaucoma and the importance of prevention. The“The world is bright, save your sight” campaign urges everyone around the world to take action for a better future for sight.



World Glaucoma Week

The 2021 theme reflects the hope that with regular testing, people continue to see the world around us: full of beauty, charm, and adventure.


Slogan of World Glaucoma Week 2022 is The world is bright, save your sight.


Get Involved: World Glaucoma Week is a global initiative of the World Glaucoma Association (WGA) in order to raise awareness on glaucoma.

A whopping 400+ activities were posted on the official World Glaucoma Week 2021 World Map, reaching all corners of the world.

Save the date for this year: March 6-12, 2022

Did you know that 111.8 million people are predicted to have glaucoma by 2040 (1)

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