Wearing Eyeglasses Treat Glaucoma??

SEED Contact Lens

Some of researchers these days are working to find out eyeglasses solution for treating Glaucoma. Hopefully it may be possible somedays to treat theft of sight eye disease called glaucoma by wearing a special  eyeglasses outfitted with an electromagnetic coil. These glasses, developed by Bionode, are currently being tested. This device might be able to treat glaucoma without eyedrops, according to researcher Ike Ahmed, MD, He is an ophthalmologist at the Prism Eye Institute in Toronto.

Bionode glasses

Bionode is a clinical stage glaucoma treatment company, reducing elevated intra-ocular pressure (IOP) which leads to blindness. They were developing first-in-class eye-tech medical devices.

How Bionode glass works?

The new bionode glasses contain a metal coil that produces a magnetic field and generates a current. The current flows through the ciliary muscles—a ring of muscle within the middle layer of the eye—and electrically stimulates the area where fluid leaves the eye. The treatment allows the natural drainage pathway to work more efficiently. This decreases pressure in the eye.


The researchers also are testing the glasses paired with a contact lens that contains a trace of gold. The glasses transmit the electromagnetic current to the eye through the gold in the contact lens. Because older people are often uncomfortable wearing contact lenses, the researchers came up with glasses that could be used without contacts.

Contact lens for glaucoma treatment



Till now Glaucoma treatment has primarily consisted of long term use of anti glaucoma eye drops to lower the intra ocular pressure inside the eye. In some cases, glaucoma surgery is used to further lower eye pressure when drops aren’t adequate. Hopefully these eyeglasses under research will be useful for treating Glaucoma eye disease without using eyedrops and performing surgical procedures somedays.


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