When to Have Combined Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery

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Here are some reasons why your ophthalmologist may suggest combined surgery:

  • It is easier for you: One visit to the operating room is more convenient and less stressful than two surgeries.
  • Less risk: Risks with anaesthesia are cut in half since you only have to have anesthesia once.
  • Stop medications: If the glaucoma surgery is successful, you may be able to decrease or even stop taking glaucoma medications. Many people find it hard to use eye drops.
  • Keeping eye pressure stable after surgery: After cataract surgery, sometimes eye pressure rises suddenly. With the addition of glaucoma surgery, this rise in eye pressure usually does not happen.
  • Lower cost: Having two surgeries at one time is less expensive. And if the glaucoma surgery is successful, you save money by not needing as much or any glaucoma medicine.
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